Software Maintenence

17 June 2017

Software maintenance is widely accepted part of SDLC now a days. It stands for all the modifications and updations done after the delivery of software product. There are number of reasons, why modifications are required, some of them are briefly mentioned below:

Maintenance for software always involves a change in the software. This may be effected at the coding level, or may require significant changes in design. Regression testing of the software follows maintenance as part of a reverification and revalidation activity. Software maintenance is a prodigious source of new software faults, so good quality control through software engineering is essential.

Though it varies by industry, IT spend represents a significant percent of revenue for virtually all businesses and the majority of that spend is for software maintenance. Software maintenance keeps the lights on in every organization, but it also represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software that provide the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.

Udeck Services delivers software maintenance and support services that ensure that enterprise systems are up and running at optimum capacities and are totally defect free. Udeck Services application maintenance and support solutions range from optimizing system capabilities and adding enhancements to detecting and fixing errors and transitioning to newer platforms.

  • Market Conditions - Policies, which changes over the time, such as taxation and newly introduced constraints like, how to maintain bookkeeping, may trigger need for modification.
  • Client Requirements - Over the time, customer may ask for new features or functions in the software.
  • Host Modifications - If any of the hardware and/or platform (such as operating system) of the target host changes, software changes are needed to keep adaptability.
  • Organization Changes - If there is any business level change at client end, such as reduction of organization strength, acquiring another company, organization venturing into new business, need to modify in the original software may arise.